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In Spring of 2005 a young man named Sean Heads was working Security at the Urban Music Network Conference held in Palms Springs, California. There he met Kurtis "Blow" Walker.

Sean felt that since Kurtis was a Hip Hop Icon and now a licensed minister that it would be a great idea if Kurtis would visit his church and give a word of inspiration to the youth.

Upon this conversation, Kurtis spoke about his Hip Hop Church on the East Coast and his vision of starting one on the West Coast.

Sean introduced Kurtis to the late Pastor Carol Scott and his mother Sharon Collins-Heads. They immediately embraced Kurtis' vision and set forth to make it a reality.

So in late 2005 Pastor Carol Scott (ordained pastor/entrepreneur), Minister Kurtis "Blow" Walker, Mike Greene (union representative/musician) and Sharon Collins- Heads (Professor and performance art minister) met at Denny's in Hollywood and Hip Hop Church L.A. was born.

Through many trials and tribulations the first service was held February 2006 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (H.T.L.C.) in Inglewood, CA. We have seen may souls come to Christ and have lived out our creed of Acts 26:16-18

After the untimely death of Pastor Carol Scott, Hip Hop Church L.A. discontinued their partnership with Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Hip Hop Church L.A. became a mobile ministry and now hosts services whenever the word is welcomed. We are now bringing the Gospel every third Sunday 6pm. Pastor Carol Scott is still with us in spirit and we strive to spread the word of God any and everywhere we can.